go to site Have you a vision for a new product? You know the functionality and the aesthetics which you need?

But unless your product can be manufactured economically, repeatably, reliably and within the correct timeframes then it will never achieve its full potential.

M R Castek’s technical team have been designing successful cast components for many decades. We will work in partnership with your product designers to develop and adapt your product concept or design to optimise it for manufacture. We use our experience, expert knowledge, and the latest Solidworks CAD modeling software to help us achieve innovative designs in partnership with our customers which can be manufactured within the controlled parameters required.

Designing castings is a specialist skill. Die-cast components require specific features such as draft taper, even wall thicknesses, and the avoidance of undercuts and isolated heavy sections. All of these issues can be easily overcome if you work directly with our team before you freeze your design. Costs of machining, surface finishing and assembly can also be dramatically reduced if we are consulted early in the design process.

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